The Most Sizzling Women Of The Fantasia Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Natalie Lander in “Superpowerless”


– Having dazzled on shows such as “The Middle” and voiced the hit animation “Goldie and Bear”, Natalie Lander should already be hailed as one of the cutest faces across mediums.
– She’s going to be a huge crush for audiences in the indie film “Superpowerless” as Danniell, the potential love interest of a superhero who loses his powers as soon as he turned 40.
– Endowed with the mesmerising doll-like glow and being effortlessly multi-talented, Natalie is an entertainer to be smitten with for years to come.

Sarah Bishop in “Red Christmas”


– We will always have a soft spot for Aussie actresses and the fetchingly elegant Sarah Bishop is deserving of our endless affection.
– She’s making being intensely captivating in the genre of psychological horror an art form having caught the eye in the Aussie thriller “Crushed”.
– In “Red Christmas”, she stars alongside horror icon Dee Wallace who plays a mum whose purported abortion years ago only served to enrage her son who survived the procedure.

Angela Trimbur in “Trash Fire”


– Suffice to say Angela Trimbur is an addiction for me and many others around the world for portraying some of the most obloquious yet funny women ever seen onscreen.
– She certainly gives Adrian Grenier’s Owen a run for his money as Isabel, his insolent girlfriend as they slug offensive slurs at each other in the dramedy “Trash Fire”.
– It also happens to be Angela’s birthday week so raving about her as one of the finest natural comedians is fitting for this most luscious Birthday Girl!

Veronika Dash in “She’s Allergic To Cats”


– Veronika Dash was a sensation at this year’s Cannes and this blonde bombshell continues to turn heads with her immaculate sex kitten appeal.
– There’s more than enough incentive to check her out in “She’s Allergic To Cats” that melds horror,comedy and romance and tells of a dog groomer’s struggles in Hollywood.
– A breakout year is in store for Veronika seeing how she’s slated to appear in “Ghost Team”, the paranormal buddy comedy starring Jon Heder and Justin Long.

Denise Yuen in “Man Underground”


– Horror fans would recognise the enchanting Denise as Kirsten, the good-hearted friend of ‘Bug-Queen’ Casey (Elma Begovic) in the cult favourite “Bite”.
– Catch this Canadian Vixen in the conspiracy thriller “Man Underground” which sees a man enlisting people to complete a movie about his close encounters of the Third Kind!
– Denise is also making a delectable impression on the LGBT web series “All For One” as the sometimes nurturing, sometimes icy Treville who mentors an aspiring sorority sister.

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