Fantasia International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Meghan Gabruch


Meghan Gabruch is the Canuck Sweetheart with the loveliest of visage that’s certain to make us fall for her. She can be seen in the comedic short “Office Pranks” which screens this week at the must-attend Fantasia Film Fest. It’s about an office worker whose sanity is tested to the limits due to a colleague’s incessant tomfoolery. At 5″9′, Meghan is a statuesque beauty and she’s a face that illuminates on the big screen as well as the small. There’s a regal quality about her as she ambles on screen and it’s easy to notice why many have adoringly labelled her as highly charismatic. Montreal is getting its share of enchanters with our eyes on a bevy of gorgeous actresses and the ravishing Meghan rightly belongs in the aforementioned laudable circle of women on film.

With her penchant for the more dramatic tone, she’s going to be one to keep tabs on since we do envision the artistry needed to bring such complex characters to life. Meghan recently played Brianna Heath in the TV movie “Trigger Point” who is the BFF of Callie Banner (Jordan Hinson) who joins an activist group as she has a beef with the people they are targeting. Now that’s some heavy stuff! She also had a recurring role as Marissa, the girlfriend of the first ever defective vampire known as Jeff on one of my favourite TV shows “Being Human”. She’s steadily infusing her delicate presence with every role and that’s motivation to view her as an enticingly, blossoming talent.

Be sure to visit the MEGHAN GABRUCH OFFICIAL SITE for more updates.

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