Fantasia International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Silvia Spross


Our adoration for indie starlets is a fire that burns bright and Silvia Spross is one to be passionate about at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival. She stars in the violent urban horror film “Parasites” as Mona, a drug-addled prostitute who has quite the fiery side. The premise sees a group of friends stumbling blind in a seedy part of town and leads to no holds-barred brutality from an assortment of maniacal homeless people. Silvia’s character Mona does eventually encounter the main homeless villain so will she be able to escape unscathed? “Parasites” may well be one of the scariest movies ever especially since it plays on our fears and the portrayal of the homeless as psychopaths can easily rattle our nerves.

Silvia has indeed gamely explored the horror genre with fascinating turns in the Halloween themed “Bloody Bobby” as well as the exorcism tale “The Cloth” alongside none other than Danny Trejo. Add her credentials as a director having held the reins of the intriguingly trippy short “Reflections” which Silvia was also the leading lady and you’ll be drawn to her multi-faceted astuteness. She also happens to be a babe with a most stunning bod and that can only heighten her appeal even more. We can’t wait to see the evolution of the magnetic Silvia Spross this year and beyond!


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