Canadian Vixen: Jessie Fraser


Jessie Fraser has a purity as well as the luminous beauty to delve into characters from any era and such is the magnetism of Canadian Darling Jessie Fraser. She is a blossoming star who most notably plays Rita in “The Man In The High Castle”, the girlfriend of Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank), the underground American resistance fighter who is actually a double agent under the thumb of the SS.

Here’s Jessie with a tease of her role in “The Man In The High Castle”:

I play Rita Pearce in “The Man in the High Castle”. She’s a down-on-her-luck New Yorker and Joe Blake’s Girlfriend. She’s not very impressed with him in season one. Rita’s back in season two, but of course I can’t give away any of The Man in the High Castle’s secrets;)

With Joe making googly eyes at secret Agent Juliana (Alexa Davalos), Jessie’s Rita could well be drawn into an intriguing love triangle come the premiere of Season 2. It’s a tangled web in keeping with the subversive nature of the show seeing how Joe has adopted the father figure role for Rita’s son Buddy (Carter Ryan Evancic). One has to adore how actresses are eloquently pull off the vintage look which Jessie does so enchantingly as she did in the film “Charlotte’s Song”. She was enticingly wonderful as Emily, an entertainer during the 1930s, a time when this dark homage to “The Little Mermaid” takes root. Iwan Rheon, infamous as baddie Ramsay Bolton of “Game Of Thrones” also chips in with lecherous intention as he does best, transforming the women under his tutelage into sex objects. It is however the transformation of the female characters in “Charlotte’s Song” that will have you intrigued whether it be they turning into killers or killer mermaids.


On both film and television, Jessie is thoroughly vivacious in the tresses of a bygone era so I’m sure she’ll be equally beguiling in modern wear. Audiences can catch glimpses of the beautiful Jessie in shows such as “Mistresses”, “Supernatural” and “The Flash”. You could say she’s Canada’s answer to Julianna Margulies, Jessie’s subtle grace onscreen springs thriving affection. The elegant Jessie is sure to be on the cusp of fandom in the months ahead!

Do drop by the JESSIE FRASER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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