Sizzling Cutie: Elizabeth Deo


Indie Horror is easily one of the genres endowed with gorgeous, compelling women and Elizabeth Deo is certainly one to cherish. She is starring in the horror flick “The Suffering” as Rebecca Dawles, the estranged wife of Henry Dawles (Nick Apostolides) whose life is going downhill fast. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, he’s drawn into a deal to appraise a rural estate that will have him fighting for his sanity. Elizabeth is an onscreen vixen who is a stunner as a redhead, blonde or with jet-black hair, the palpable magnetism a surefire attraction for any viewer. Her sexy portfolio of magazine spreads speaks volume of the enticement she can project as an accomplished model.

Her penchant to delve into the emotional troughs and physicality that encapsulates a character should gain her much respect. Possessing such beautiful traits, people have often compared her to movie stars from the 50’s and 60’s, she could well sizzle as a Pin-Up Girl in a heartbeat! In her blonde incarnation, she has an allure so reminiscent to Australian actress Melissa George. She’s more than made an eye-catching impression and Elizabeth could be the honey we’ll be pining for in droves.

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