Indie Sweetheart: Kim Nielsen


Indie Horror is having a great run this week thanks to the lovely leading ladies of “Amityville Terror” and the vivacious Kim Nielsen is a cert for rising affection. With her beauty very much in the vein of Blake Lively meets Lisa Kudrow, there’s surely going to be an upswing in attention for the desirable Kim Nielsen.

Here’s Kim giving us an insight into her role in “Amityville Terror” as well as her many wonderful on and off set experiences:

Jessica Jacobsen is kind and nurturing. Todd and Jessica were high school sweethearts but lately they have gone through a rough patch and are hoping this move will help ease the strains on their relationship. They are a very close family and Jessica enjoys the special bond Hailey and Todd have. Jessica is more concerned with exposing her daughter to Shae since Shae has had such a troubled past. It’s hard for Jessica to watch as things quickly go south with Hailey and her aunt. Jess desperately wants things to work out but ends up being distracted by the house and what it reveals to her.

Having Amanda Barton on set everyday was amazing. She was always available to talk about the characters direction and depth. Todd (Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau) and Hailey (Nicole Tompkins) and I had a natural bond from day one. We still keep in touch and spend time together. It was easy to work with them because we were all so comfortable together.

Check out some of the behind the scenes shots below. It’s easy to see the camaraderie between the cast members and Kim herself exudes a warmth that we know all indie actresses are blessed with.


Kim also starred in “Zoombies”, the creature feature about animals running amok after contracting the zombie virus. She played Dr. Ellen Rogers who runs the endangered species sanctuary where the epidemic starts to fester after a capuchin monkey is infected. With her daughter at work, Dr Ellen musters a heroic effort to save her staff and those animals who are not infected. We do love to watch women in dire circumstances onscreen and Kim adeptly crafts the strain her characters go through as she does so absorbingly in “Amityville Terror”. Kim is on her way to be a beloved front-woman of the genre.

2 thoughts on “Indie Sweetheart: Kim Nielsen

  1. That Kim Nielsen is an awesome,amazing and beautiful actress! Every movie I have seen her in shows her fabulous abilities!!!! I hope to see her in a lot more in the future!

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