Actresses To Adore @ Marietta International Film Festival 2016

Ashley Sugarman in “Tiny Dancers”


– Ashley plays one of the two leads in “Tiny Dancers”, a comedy which sees her playing a funny stripper in a story with a lot of heart.
– Having trained with professional pole dancers and danced ballet together with the movie’s other leading lady, it has come full circle for Ashley to have scored this appealing role.
– Nominated for 8 awards at this year’s Marietta Film Festival, many will surely gravitate towards “Tiny Dancers” and the exuberance of the lovely Ashley.

Check out the sexy pics of fellow lead actress Brittany Cascone and Ashley from the film “Tiny Dancers” below. It’s doubly delectable time to fawn over them!


Lacy Marie Meyer in “Second Chance”


– Nominated for the Best Supporting in a Feature Film Award at the Marietta Film Fest this weekend, the comely Lacy Marie Meyer is very much adored on the indie scene.
– Having amassed multiple awards for her film “Suck It Up Buttercup””, she’s making us swoon again with her performance as the damaged Heather in the must-see drama “Second Chance”.
– All signs point to a meteoric rise in the coming months for this talented indie starlet and she’s on course to be hailed as a film festival darling!

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