HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Rachel Staman


At this year’s HollyShorts, we love to champion our women in comedy and Rachel Staman has an exuberance very much to our liking. She stars in “Pop Music”, an entertaining short about love, loss and freaky dancing. Rachel has the perfect line in “Pop Music” when her character Bridget remarked she doesn’t want to feel leading man Trevor’s boner any more. Oh how tragic for the poor dude…hehe. But it’s also the catalyst for him to be a cynic of romance, aggravated by his own niece’s maladies in love which culminates in quite the bloody end. Rachel also recently appeared in another short “Jogging Leads to Ice Cream” as she and her BFF ends up eating ice cream instead of their initial plan of jogging. The struggles of exercising is real but satiating the sweet tooth seems to be the easiest outlet for procrastinating. These girls certainly know where their priority lies!

With her curly locks and radiant appeal, Rachel is a comedienne beckoning to be adored. She can also be seen in a fan favourite comedy on the festival circuit called “Folk Hero & Funny Guy” alongside acclaimed funny women such as Glee’s Heather Morris and New Girl’s Hannah Simone. Just like them, Rachel has the vivacious spunk to make us erupt in laughter. She may just be a most pleasing face to dote on this week and beyond.

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