The Women Who Sizzle @ HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 – Part 2

Carmen Corral in “BFFs”


– She is both the director and star of “BFFs”, an entertaining web series that delves into the secret lives of 20-something Latina roommates who share everything.
– This Mexican-American actress is a natural comic and her adventures as the eccentric, love-seeking Luz is so whimsically amusing.
– She is notable for her role as Elena Herrera, Officer Ben Sherman’s (Ben McKenzie) girlfriend on the final season of Southland and we hope she makes a luscious return to TV soon!

Debrianna Mansini in “Wolff’s Law”


– Debrianna Mansini will be a must-watch as Anna Howell, the mother of a high-school boy who undergoes a horrifying change after he’s bullied.
– Known for her intensity onscreen, Debrianna is sure to mesmerise with its painfully relevant tone that’s a reflection of the ills in the school system.
– Earlier this year, she reprised her role as the straight talking Fran in the Breaking Bad spin-off “Better Call Saul”.

Andrea Drepaul in “Divorce Photographer”


– Look out for Andrea Drepaul as a blushing bride in the short film “Divorce Photographer” whose blissful photo shoot is disrupted by the rants of a heartbroken marriage photog.
– What we most certainly can rave about is that photographers would love Andrea as she’s easily one of the most stunning Canadian actresses to grace the camera lens.
– This year, she guest-starred as a Nurse in the series “Damien” who we all know is the Anti-Christ walking the Earth.

Iris Karina in “Where We Begin”


– Iris has shown her diversity by stepping into the shoes of some of the most profoundly interesting women ever seen on the screen.
– In “Where We Begin”, she stars as Sophia, an old woman reminiscing about her younger days as she’s about to draw her last breath.
– Kudos to the amazing Iris for appearing in the music video “Until It’s Gone” by acclaimed nu metal band Linkin Park who are one of my all-time favs.

Katherine Randolph in “Brooding”


– One of the most alluring women in the indie genre, Katherine has turned in scene stealing performances in films such as “One In The Gun” and “Rites Of Spring”.
– She’s a sensation in the web series “Brooding” with her smart performance as Lilith in this parody of network TV’s most popular shows.
– Katherine does not shy away from the gritty and the risqué, her dedication to her roles over the years is a most admirable quality of hers.

Brittney Bertier in “West Side Swordy”


– She debuted in the indie genre as Chloe, a temperamental teen in the “The Ouija Exorcism” and one can’t help but be fixated by her genial charms.
– From being a contract killer in “Paralytic” to her emotional turn as the bride of her lesbian partner in “Brides To Be”, Angela is an elegant actress with a cultivated dexterity.
– Don’t miss this cutie in “West Side Swordy” as she plays a dancer and with her lithesome beauty, she’ll captivate our hearts especially since she’s walking the HollyShorts red carpet.

Breeda Wool in “The Boy Who Cried Fish”


– Breeda made us swoon as Faith Duluth in the first season of the hit show “Unreal” and she’ll return with comic effect on the show “Vice-Principals” come 2017.
– In “The Boy Who Cried Fish”, Breeda dazzles as Miranda, a single mother of an autistic child whose life unravels when his son Adam refuses to take off her blue bra.
– Such is the personal parable that Breeda effortlessly navigates that it would only be a matter of time before she’s winning awards that recognises her immense talents.

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