Rising Starlet: Vanessa Ore


With a fine role alongside Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself in the unsettling “Imperium”, the gorgeous Vanessa Ore is an appealing face on the horizon. She plays Becky, the wife of Gerry Conway (Sam Trammell) who is a firm supporter and senior figure of the radical Aryan movement. She meets up with undercover officer Nate (Daniel) at her husband’s party that hosts his racist-toting bethren. FBI agent Nate is the plant in the very dangerous game of infiltrating the much maligned cause littered with white supremacist skinheads. It’s a troubling topic to take on but as we’re taken into the world of the skinheads, we see the close knit familial ties of their community which makes it even more disturbing. How does Becky condone the actions of her husband or was she conditioned from young as how her kids are to practise racial segregation? Such is their deeply ingrained mindset as evident when referring to African Americans as the ‘Mud People’. It’s feels scarily alarming! There’s also a poignant scene with Becky’s realisation of the betrayal inflicted by Nate on her husband.


The humanising of the characters of “Imperium” is why audiences should flock to the cinemas to watch the impactful film. Vanessa turns in a honest, polished performance with such controversial material and she’s surely about to enthral us even more. Vanessa also recently garnered a Best Lead Actress nod for her role in the sci-fi thriller “Dark Resonance”. She stars as Dana who together with her childhood friends test the limits of the paranormal. But will their unified curiosity in seeking the truth be their undoing with sinister otherworldly beings in close proximity? Vanessa has a busy slate of feature films and shorts in 2016 which ensures she’ll be touching plenty of hearts.

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