FrightFest London 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Alena Von Stroheim


Horror is returning to buzzworthy levels once more which means our love for indie starlets such as the charming Alena Von Stroheim os mounting. She stars as Amy in “Found Footage 3D”, the POV supernatural film where a group of filmmakers set out to make the first 3D found footage horror film. An evil entity however crashes their film set and they soon realise their in their own found footage hell! Having premiered at the Bruce Campbell Horror Fest recently, “Found Footage 3D” will scare the wits our of audiences at this year’s FrightFest London come August 29. Seeing how Alena’s character Amy is covered in blood, she’ll go through some very terrifying moments. With the telling chilling factor of “Found Footage 3D”, a peek at the unnerving ending of the trailer (above) should send shivers through your body. It also takes a cheeky approach by deconstructing the found footage sub-genre and yet still maintaining the bloody kill scenes. Isn’t it any wonder Blair Witch, the sequel to “The Blair Witch Project” is screening in September at TIFF, fuelling the clamour for even more shaky camera thrills. The fleeting nature of being a survivor in a horror flick is a big draw for fans so be sure to check out “Found Footage” in all its 3D glory to see if Alena’s Amy can somehow emerge alive.


Alena’s versatility has seen her dazzle as a lawyer, fighting for Native American political prisoners in “The Activist” as well as a femme fatale in “Hacker’s Game”. She’s more than capable of piquing our interest. Alena’s beautiful candour and comely facets will go a long way in cementing her appeal.

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