Actress Spotlight: Anastasia Barzee


The elegant Anastasia Barzee will be making headway this week on television in enigmatic fashion. She has a recurring role as Special Agent Olivia Dylan in the CW Series “Beauty And The Beast”. As Olivia Dylan in this week’s episode ‘Meet the New Beast’, she gets tough on Captain Tess Vargas (Nina Lisandrello). She also lets her in on some grim news concerning Vincent Keller’s impending fate after the fateful incident of killed one of their own. Behind the tough exterior of Olivia is a compassionate woman and Anastasia is enchantingly steadfast with her steely portrayal. Tune in to find out if she sides with Vincent, Tess and of course Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) before the finale of “Beauty And The Beast”. This is of course the 4th and last season so prepare for some dramatic fireworks!

Anastasia has certainly been ever-present in the addictive world of television, guest starring on “The Mysteries of Laura”, “The Blacklist” and “Elementary”. She’s also a fixture on on Broadway having starred in numerous musicals and plays. Anastasia has consistently wowed audiences with her melodious work as a soprano, gaining plenty of positive reviews. She’s been lauded for pouring her heart out when singing, just like in the movies she similarly crafts stories with her substantial voice. Look for the affection-worthy Anastasia to put a spell on us both in a visual and aural capacity.

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