Actress Spotlight: Jen Tullock


Television could well see a new star arising in the cultivated form of the enthralling Jen Tullock. She has a meaty role on this week’s episode of Roadies called “The Corporate Gig” which has popular electronica duo “Phantogram” performing ‘You Don’t Get Me High Anymore’. She plays Logan The Eraser Girl who initially comes off as a cussing, feisty lady but gets mellow and eventually even has an intimate duet with Milo (Peter Cambor). She does keep it real with the classic line “I’m going to cut your heart out and serve it on a f**king platter like Sushi!” towards Milo. You might think Milo has got on her bad side while trying to chat Logan up but he does finally gets to break the ice with her. Stealing every scene she’s in, Jen elevates her character Logan with her constrasting affront that has its distinctive charm. It’s time to let Jen headline her own TV Series!

With partner Hannah Pearl Utt, she is currently co-writing/starring in “Disengaged”, an original series for Turner’s Super Deluxe. She’s a must watch as Sidney whose hasty engagement with her partner Jules complicates their relationship. “Disengaged” has a trio of accomplished women at the helm with Jen joining Hannah and Nora Kirkpatrick (executive producer) in creating this engaging tale of lesbians in love. I wholeheartedly admire both Jen and Nora, their grace on par with their immense talents. Jen also garnered the world’s attention in the Sundance Film Festival favourite “Partners” as Leigh whose sex life with her lesbian paramour has come to a standstill. Whether you’re straight or queer, Jen’s mesmerising qualities are universal so let’s spread the love for this darling of a human being.

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