Scream Queens To Crave @ FrightFest London 2016 – Part 1

Caroline Williams in “Blood Feast”


– Caroline Williams is one of the most sexiest women alive and she’s an icon of the horror world who is headlining the remake of upcoming splatter-fest “Blood Feast”.
– She plays Louise Ramses, the charming wife of Fuad Ramses who falls under the spell of The Goddess Ishtar and malevolently starts eroding their family bonds.
– Caroline bewitched us all in “Tales of Halloween” and “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens”, affirming she’s a revered belle of horror as well as sci-fi.

Natalie Burn in “Downhill”


– Va-va-voom hotness would be a fitting praise for the sexy Natalie Burn who can effortlessly sizzle up the screen and the red carpet.
– She headlines the international thriller “Downhill” as Stephanie who together with her boyfriend are the targets of relentless killers in Chile.
– Enrapturing us all, the charismatic Natalie has proven to be a genuine temptation in her previous films such as “Nymph” and “The Boys at the Bar”.

Cassie Shea Watson in “Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word”


– Judging from her latest photoshoot, Cassie Shea Watson will soon be regarded as a noteworthy enchantress of the indie world.
– Don’t miss Cassie in “Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word” as Kathy Jones, the reporter who uncovers a curse related to the execution of an innocent young man.
– With possession movies all the rage right now, we can’t wait to watch her shine in “The Last Possession”, the tale of a young family besieged by ghosts or so they thought!

Esperanza America in “31”


– Esperanza America is steadily making waves in independent cinema and her drop-dead curves ensures we’re enamoured with this accomplished Mexican-American actress.
– She’s grace the red carpet for the movie premiere of Rob Zombie’s “31” at Sundance and audiences are certain to see her numerous charms.
– A recipient of many awards both on film and Broadway, Esperanza has the burgeoning talent to gain the warm approval of an adoring public.

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Katrina Bowden in “Monolith”


– It’s time to christen Katrina Bowden as one of this year’s most lovable leading ladies having as Bo, the big-hearted stripper in the entertaining comedy “Hard Sell”.
– She showcased both her comedic finery and sex symbol status with such sparkle, it’s no wonder we’re been addicted to Katrina for the longest time.
– In “Monolith”, she switches gears as Sandra, a desperate mother trying to rescue her child who is trapped in the Monolith, the safest SUV ever conceived or so she thought!

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