Indie Sweetheart: Shayla Bagir


Shayla Bagir is establishing herself as a comely starlet of indie cinema playing an array of diverse women. She’s starring in “The Emeryville Experiments” which has “The Crazies” vibe with its band of strangely deranged people hunting innocents which includes Shayla’s character Reagan. She and her friends discover a town full of secrets after a car crash, leading them to a long road of terror. Whilst we are clamouring for her to be the Final Girl, can she turn her dire predicament around in the “The Emeryville Experiments”. Some may see the film as micro-budget but the teens trapped in the woods is a story trope fans will no doubt lap up. We are after all in love with the sometimes annoyingly dizzy-inducing shaky camera work of POV movies so this indie thriller should whip up interest as well. Yet again, we are enthused about actresses hailing from Austin Texas and Shayla is a beautiful Texan Gal on her way to becoming infatuation-worthy.

Shayla also has an urban horror film called “#Slaughterhouse” which sees when a group of party revellers get trapped in a hi-tech house of death. This could well be the Saw for a new generation! She also gave a glowing performance in “Funemployment”, a comedy about being in between jobs. As the vivacious Kelsey Bonnell, she catches the eye of her room-mate Nick David and instils a change in him. Oh how women have an effect on us dudes and we have to roundly acknowledge their magnetism. This certainly applies to Shayla who is easy on the eyes and is developing into a very promising leading lady.

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