Scream Queens To Crave @ FrightFest London 2016 – Part 2

Julin in “Knucklebones”


– Known for her impressive work on films such as “Cherry Bomb” and “Spirit Camp”, Julin is one of the most exquisite women to have ever graced indie horror cinema.
– She stars as Neesa in “Knucklebones”, a woman who survives the act of wrist-slitting in a suicide attempt but soon gets pulled into the sadistic world of a demon.
– I still remember years back when Julin kindly mentioned me as dubbing her a Texas Scream Queen and it’s great to see her return to illuminate the horror genre.

Josephine De La Baume in “Road Games”


– Her movie “Road Games” is taking the festival circuit by storm thanks to her striking performance as the free-spirited hitchiker Véronique.
– This chic French model/actress affirms she’s more than just a rarified beauty as she’s brilliantly eye-catching in one of the most tense thrillers this year.
– Be it on film or photo-shoots, Josephine exudes the Gallic allure that has a certain mystique to inveigle us at a moment’s notice.

Hannah Fierman in “Siren”


– One of the memorable faces in indie horror, Hannah Fierman continues to stir hearts with some of the most disturbing yet absorbing portrayals of the female psyche.
– Her return as the man-eating Lily in the V/H/S spinoff “Siren” is hotly anticipated and this time she’s both the prey as well as the predator!
– The beguiling Hannah is a much sought-after actress who is proficient in multiple genres and she’s deserving of an award or two this year.

Janet Mayson in “Night Of Something Strange”


– A true blue indie darling, Janet Mayson is appearing in the gory, sticky mess of a horror flick called “Night Of Something Strange” which is like Cabin Fever on steroids!
– When talking about embodying the spirit of indie films, it’s her down-to-earth nature and dedication that makes her one of the gems we’ve come to adore.
– Be sure to keep Janet on your radars especially since she’s a major player of the “Quad X” films franchise as the sultry sexologist Dr Long.

Lucy Walters in “Here Alone”


– Her character Holly may have met her maker in a chilling conclusion on the hit show “Power” but we know that the insanely accomplished Lucy has 100% star quality.
– Don’t miss her as the survivalist Ann in the darkest of times after a zombie pandemic in “Here Alone” as she grittily carries this narrative of a woman’s unceasing goal to stay alive.
– Lucy can also be seen in the period drama series “Z: The Beginning of Everything” and will surely dazzle us as Edna St. Vincent Millay, famed American poet and playwright.

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