Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Bri Oglu


We are all blessed to be able to appreciate the endearing facets of the divine Bri Oglu. She’s the director, writer and star of the short film “Same Love” screening at this week’s Action on Film Festival. Touted to be a tearjerker, “Same Love” touches on the impact when love and religion cross paths. Already an official winner at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Bri is also a nominee for the Best First Time Filmmaker Award at AOF 2016. Do catch her heartbreaking performance as Isra who is burdened by a romance weighed down by conflicting religious beliefs. Love is a complicated landscape and Bri’s subtext of tolerance in “Same Love” is an absorbing angle.


Here’s Bri revealing more about the her other film “Before You Can Blink” as well as endeavours on and off screen:

“Before You Can Blink” is an independent film through MG Fame Entertainment. I play a young woman, Sunny, who has been seeing a taken man. I can’t reveal a lot about the script but the film is set to come out later this year. I portrayed Sally Hemmings, Thomas Jefferson’s 1/4th black slave and alleged mother to six of his children in “Codes & Conspiracies” for the American Heroes Channel. This was probably my favorite of the films I have done out in LA thus far because it was a period piece!

In my downtime, I sing and song write and am looking to release my EP. I also started practicing Nichiren Buddhism in attempt to help weather some of the storm that is the entertainment industry. I am optimistic for the future and grateful for what I have accomplished thus far. I am blessed to have consistent support from my friends and family.

It’s apt to marvel at the expanse of her talents as the gorgeous Bri is also an accomplished model. Bri’s sweetly engaging disposition and passion for the diversity of her craft will gain her notable standing as a storyteller.

Be sure to check out the BRI OGLU OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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