Venice Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: French Vixen Sara Verhagen


Sara Verhagen could be our much loved onscreen muse this coming week. She’s appearing in the biopic “Jackie” which screens at this year’s star-studded Venice Film Festival. This is the story that delves into the life of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) in the wake of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Sara plays Mary B. Gallagher, Jackie Kennedy’s personal secretary for eight years and who was by her side during her darkest days. It would be great to see the positively chic Sara alongside Natalie Portman. Just like Natalie, Sara has the subtle sensuality that’s of a beguiling virtue. By now, we shouldn’t be amaze at the obliging elegance of French actresses such as the luminous and beautiful Sara.


Sara is a multi-linguist with her amazing ability to speak 7 languages and she’s also a writer/director having started working behind the camera in 2010. She directed and starred in the funny short film “Mi Casa, Su Casa” which screened at Cannes this year and won Top Pick Citation at the Cannes Short Film Corner. “Mi Casa, Su Casa” made a splash at the Like ‘Em Short Film Festival in Oregon garnering a Best Director and Best Actress Award for Sara. So far “Mi Casa, Su Casa” has won a total of 12 awards which is a remarkable feat. She played Celine who after returning from holidays in Mexico is drawn into a bizarre world that seems to have erased any trace of her existence. With such a fascinating premise, we can’t wait for what Sara conjures up next in the arena of film. It’s awe-inspiring to see the prodigious talents of Sara come to the fore.

Be sure to check out the SARA VERHAGEN OFFICIAL SITE.

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