Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Valerie Mya


The quintessence of an indie actress is her ability to move audiences and Valerie Mya does so with a polished lissomeness. She can definitely exude an intensity that’s enthralling onscreen as audiences will see in “The Ashes Of Brush Flats” and the emotion-filled short film “Letting Go”. “The Ashes Of Brush Flats” is screening at AOF 2016 and what better than to catch Valerie as leading lady Scarlett in this tale of human travails set in Reno, Nevada. The director of “The Ashes Of Brush Flats” is effusive in his praise for the cast with him giving kudos to the calibre of talents which includes the eye-catching Valerie. She has affirmed that this movie was one of the best experiences she’s has ever had and it’s evident that she faithfully immersed herself into the role.


As you will discover when you’ve gazed upon her photo shoot collection, Valerie has delectable assets which sizzle on multiple platforms. She belongs to the breed of photogenic actresses that have a natural radiance, a beacon for adoration. She’s also made her presence felt across multiple genres ensuring her ample appeal. The sunny and beguiling Valerie will undeniably become the darling of any indie fan.

Be sure to check out the VALERIE MYA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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