The Actresses To Adore On Masters Of Sex

Mary Birdsong


– Mary Birdsong plays Maude Rains, the personal secretary of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner who has quite the spicy edge in the Season 4 premiere of “Masters Of Sex”.
– Don’t miss Mary at her acerbic best as Maude who welcomes Lizzy Caplan’s Virginia Johnson as she has a scheduled meeting with the Hef himself.
– An exceptional actress, she’s eloquently watchable on “Masters Of Sex” and her self-assured easy-going performance will be a treat for audiences.

Candance Hammer


– Catch the endearing Candace as Celeste, a fan of Lizzy’s Caplan’s Virginia in “Freefall”, the first of many episodes in the new season of “Masters Of Sex”.
– As the chirpy Celeste, she even surprises Virginia with her reveal that the fanbase amassed by acclaimed columnist Ann Lander amounted to 90 million!
– Candace has guest-starred in some of the biggest TV hits including “Aquarious” and “Criminal Minds”, gracing each with her affable personality.

Leslie Murphy


– Leslie Murphy has a supporting role on “Masters Of Sex” as Tina and appears at the very start of the first episode of Season 4.
– She and her husband has an appointment with the renowned sex researcher Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) but he is nowhere to be found.
– Sporting a shorter crop of hair on “Masters Of Sex”, Leslie is blessed with a relatable appeal that makes her such a lovable redhead on television.

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