Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Ashley Marie Nunes


The Action On Film Festival starts off with lusciousness as Ashley Marie Nunes is surely one of the captivators this weekend. She stars in “All Through The House” as Rachel Kimmel who comes home for Christmas fifteen years later to her neighbourhood with a dark past. Waiting for her is the infamous Santa Slayer who in a clever twist might just have a tangled connection with her. With any horror fan comes the love to see The Final Girl or Girls come out alive and we’ve keeping our fingers crossed Ashley’s Rachel stands tall at the climax of this nostalgic slasher. Ashley does believe in the adage that she’s an all around kickass chick so all Santa-wearing Serial Killers best beware! Kudos go out to Jessica Cameron for introducing me to the sultry Ashley who is a blossoming Scream Queen who will certainly fuel our addiction. “All Though The House” did win multiple awards including Best Slasher, Best Editing, and the Audience Choice Award, ensuring it’s a thrill ride of gore, babes and bloody fun.


She’s also been nominated in the ‘Miss Galatic’ Contest so be sure to shower her with your support by voting for her here: For nerd and non-nerds alike, Ashley is notable for being the robo-jockey on Team Steampunk int the SYFY series “Robot Combat League”. At AOF 2016 which is about to be graced by a bevy of talented beauties, we can envision Ashley making a sizzling statement.

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