Most Desirable Indie Starlets @ Action On Film Festival 2016 – Part 2

Benita Robledo & Lisa Ann Walter in “Dependent’s Day”


– Benita Robledo and Lisa Ann Walter are 2 honeys of the screen who have come to the fore with their brand of undeniable charisma.
– As the Leading lady Alice in “Dependents’s Day”, Benita is a standout in her mesmeric performance as a rock of a girlfriend affirming she’s a star in her own right.
– Lisa effortlessly exudes her playful charm and enthrals us as Bette, Alice’s boss who admonishes her for sticking around with a loser boyfriend.


Elise Rovinsky in “Standing Eight”


– Blessed with her quirky liveliness, it’s no wonder Elise Rovinsky has gained a warm round of approval for her work in a myriad of indie features.
– Watch her dazzle as Dr. Meuller in “Standing 8” who breaks the news to leading man Dusty Abrams, a professional boxer about his debilitating lupus condition.
– Seeing how she’s bilingual thanks to her Swedish roots, we wouldn’t mind seeing the Elise fronting a Swedish feature or two.


Esther Canata in “Slammed!”


– As Crystal Brown in “Slammed”, the gorgeous and accomplished Esther Canata adds an array of sensual flavours into the action thriller.
– She is a woman of brilliant shades having enchanted so many of us over the years as an actress of the stage and screen as well as a singer/songwriter.
– Esther has been commended as a delight and why not when she’s a heady mix of tempting pleasantness every time she’s onscreen.

Marilyn Ghigliotti in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter”


– We adore Marilyn Ghigliotti for her effusive spunk and for her becoming an indie film icon thanks to her memorable performance as Veronica in “Clerks”.
– She’s appearing in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” alongside Tracey Birdsall which is set in a world where humanity has to take the stand against robot overlords ruling Earth.
– Marilyn is reprising her role in the third and final instalment of film-maker Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks’ series to be released in 2018, bringing back her brassy vigor for all to enjoy.


Ellen Dubin in “The Red Maple Leaf”


– In keeping with the mysterious tone of the political thriller “The Red Maple Leaf”, glimpses of the enigmatic Ellen in the trailer suggests we’ll be profoundly captivated.
– A powerhouse actress herself, Ellen joins an illustrious group of women such as Mira Sorvino and the late Doris Roberts in elevating this suspense-filled tale.
– Beautiful inside and out, she’s continually put on a pedestal of adoration on this blog as she’s a friend for life, imbuing our planet with her indisputable congeniality.


Tara Westwood in “Detours”


– This year, Tara Westwood was the embodiment of desirability having engaged in a sex scene with Elaine Hendrix who plays Eva in “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”.
– She also shone with her vulnerability as Jennifer Giraldi who goes on an eye-opening road trip with her widowed dad in the must-watch “Detours”.
– If ever there was a vixen to fawn over then the comely Tara would be a Canadian darling many of us easily find ourselves devoted to.

Fiona Hardingham in “Bad Frank”


– A list of sterling actresses is not complete without the attraction of a British talent and Fiona Hardingham does indeed warrant our affection.
– She’s already notable for her darkly funny performance in the award-winning short “Manager” so be sure to catch her threading much darker territory in the thriller “Bad Frank”.
– Many will appreciate that even though she’s a genuine cutie, Fiona is adept at pulling off varying looks to personify the traits of the enthralling characters she plays.


Constance Brenneman in “Traded”


– One of the most eye-catching ladies of the indie world, Constance has hypnotised viewers every so often in compelling fashion on a host of films.
– She stars in the western flick “Traded” as Amelia, a woman whose husband goes on an adventure to find their runaway daughter after a family tragedy.
– In 2016 and beyond, Constance is about to be held in high regard as she takes on a number of absorbing roles spanning the genres of horror and drama.

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