Action on Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Sonia Curtis


The lovable ladies of this year’s Action On Film Festival continue to gain traction and Sonia Curtis is indeed fetching. She stars in “Stressed To Kill” as Vera Johnson, the wife of Bill (Bill Oberst Jr.) who can be a bit overbearing over her husband. Already under stress and relieving the strain by going on a murderous spree, could Vera push her husband even more over the edge. With Vera’s incessant gripes about his diet and the use of his spare time, which husband wouldn’t be agitated? To add salt to his wounds, stumbling upon Vera’s sexual indiscretions in the woods while jogging could very well make Bill snap! Audiences will enjoy how Sonia revels in the haughty attitude of her character Vera complete with snide remarks directed at her husband. Sonia also audaciously introduces a little naughtiness in her that’s unexpected yet fascinating.


She may not be the nicest person in the movie “Stressed To Kill” but like the women of indie film off screen, she’s endowed with a warmth that’s replete with elegance. As we’ve seen before, sometimes the nicest actresses excel at portraying the polar opposite, be it nasty or evil. Last year, she took on the role of Deputy Deborah Goodrich in the action thriller “Relentless Justice”. A multi-hyphenate talent, Sonia is a polished Director, Producer, Singer and Acting Coach. It’s time to let in this glowing cutie into our lives.

Be sure to check out the SONIA CURTIS OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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