The Most Enchanting Actresses @ Burbank International Film Festival 2016

Rachel Alig & Elina Madison in “Last Call At Murray’s”


– What better than opening night to witness the delectable duo of Rachel Alig and Elina Madison sizzle up the ensemble comedy “Last Call at Murray’s.
– Rachel Alig as “Dawn”, the corporate climbing secretary and Elina as the self-obsessed Autumn memorably aced the spectrum of their characters, both merits and flaws.
– Both Rachel and Elina are attending the premiere of “Last Call at Murray’s” at the Burbank International Film Fest ensuring a visual thrill for fans.

Carolyn Marie Wright in “Topanga Rose”


– The title of the short film “Topanga Rose” starring the ebullient Carolyn Marie Wright is as fascinating as her virtuousness on film.
– She stars as Monica, the mother of a young girl living with cystic fibrosis who together embark on a birthday hike and discover peace during their journey.
– Carolyn projects a warmth that’s eye-catching and she’s delighted us across many genres in the most engaging of ways.


Jennifer Blanc directs “This Girl”


– In her directorial debut “This Girl, Jennifer Blanc crafts a harrowing tale of a kidnapped girl who is rescued by a young boy and in turn tries to save him from his hellish home.
– The supremely talented Jennifer directs her husband Michael Biehn who revels in his dual personality as a serial killer and dorky family man.
– Look out for this power couple in the horror flick “Hidden In The Woods”, a tale of familial abuse which is a remake of the original Chilean film.

Natalie Palamides & Megan Hayes in “The Real Housewives Of Shakespeare”


– How can we not be entertained by 2 cuties on a comedy web series “The Real Housewives of Shakespeare” that spins a funny twist on well-known characters from Shakespeare.
– The fetching Natalie Palamides shines as the meek Ophelia who Gertrude considers is a perfect match for her psychopathic son Hamlet.
– Megan is amusingly whimsical as Tempest, one of 3 psychic sisters whom Gertrude and her BFFs seek for a reading.


Seri DeYoung in “Still Life”


– The vivacious essence of the winsome Seri DeYoung is a big reason why we gravitate towards her work both and off screen.
– Her multiple award-winning coming of age tale “Still Life” which she directed, wrote and starred in continues to make waves on the festival circuit.
– Seri is the fast rising film-maker with the adorable X-Factor that festival-goers are inclined to shower with positive buzz for years to come.


Natasha Blasick & Tara Cardinal in “Paying Mr McGetty”


– We love our indie actresses for their versatility and both Natasha as well as Tara are so at ease portraying a wealth of female characters on film.
– Whether she’s playing a femme fatale or tickling our funny bones, Natasha ensures we’ll be intrigued by her appearance as Russian mobster Nikki Nixx.
– Tara plays Underground casino Boss Scarlett and this Redhead Goddess is thoroughly bewitching as she done across the genres of horror, action, drama and comedy.


Mariano Gavelo in “Surge Of Power: Revenge of the Sequel”


– She has by far one of the most sensual derrière on the planet and is sheer proof of the Sex Symbol status of Mariann Gavelo.
– Mariann who stars as Wendy is primed to be a figure of seduction in “Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel” which has among its colourful characters a gay supervillian.
– She’s also set to guest-star as a stripper in Season 2 of the comedy series “Vice-Principals” sometime in 2017 and that’s something we’re already whetting our appetites for.

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