Actress Spotlight: Jona Xiao


The comely Jona Xiao is on the ascendency with a plum role on AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” as well as her upcoming appearance on “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. As the sprightly Julie Yang in this week’s episode ‘Rules of Honorable Play’ on “Halt and Catch Fire”, she stirs things up by smacking a poor guy on the kisser. Rumours are also abound about her part on the hugely anticipated Spider-Man reboot with some comic book fans already betting on her being Silk who has similar powers to Spidey. Jona is already indirectly part of Marvel Comic Book lore as she’s soon starring alongside Captain America Chris Evans in the drama gifted to be released in 2017. If indeed she’s been cast as Silk, that would be so awesome as I love using Silk whenever I’m playing Marvel Future Fight game on my ipad. Jona certainly has the requisite charm to be a love interest of Spiderman or giving him a run for his money in the heroic stakes as Silk.


If you can’t wait to find out the big reveal, then catch her as the spunky Julie Yang on “Halt and Catch Fire”. As the new coder on the Mutiny team, she’s a giant among the boys as the first female team member. Jona describes her Julie Yang character as ” She doesn’t take a lot of shit but she gives a lot of shit!”. We’re already thrilled to witness the story arc thanks to her most vibrantly interesting guise. Jona is a bonafide star on the rise and we could be hooked on her loveliness for a great many years.

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