Burbank International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Rachel Amanda Bryant


We can already envision an upsurge of affection for the captivating indie talent Rachel Amanda Bryant. This Saturday will see the World Premiere of her short film “Jet Set LA” which despite it’s innocuous title is actually a horror short. She’s just recently graced the Opening Night Gala red carpet at this year’s Burbank International Film Fest in a cute green ensemble. Rachel has been likened to Deborah Ann Woll who just like Deborah can instil interest in audiences with her blue eyes. Her lovely preamble to the world of indie cinema is a boon for viewers.

In “Jet Set LA”, she’s put through traumatic events as Jenny, one half of a young couple staying at a modern Bed and Breakfast only to discover its owners are hungry cannibals! Can Jenny outsmart the ravenous killers before they feast on her flesh? Rachel is also notable for being the lead of another short film “To Kristen With Love”. It’s a short film that follows a man after a break up. He is writing a letter to his ex Kristen as he deals with how to cope with losing her. Rachel played Kristen, and she had red hair at the time. “To Kristin With Love” managed to win the Indie Spirit award at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

Here are some of the projects she’s done:

* DYING TO LIVE: A film she had a supporting role in, It is a film about a man who receives a terminal diagnosis, so he decides to spend his last moments living life to the fullest.

* COLORBLIND: A 1973 period film about an interacial couple, Colorblind is a beautifully tragic film. Rachel plays a young woman who is still in love with a black man.

She’s glittered in a steady stream of features covering multiple genres and Rachel has the wholesome, magnetic appeal that will have plenty rooting for her.

Do visit the RACHEL AMANDA BRYANT OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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