Screen Darlings To Crave @ TIFF 2016

Natalie Krill & Andrea Stefancikova in “Below Her Mouth”


– With strikingly alluring effect, Natalie Krill sizzles up the screen in “Below The Mouth”, a steamy tale of 2 women embarking on an amorous affair.
– She stars as Jasmine, a high-flying fashion editor crossing paths with Dallas (Erika Linder), a roofer who takes her on an erotic journey of love and desire.
– Canadian Goddess Natalie is also a sensual fixture on television having guest-starred on “Wynonna Earp” as well as”Beauty and The Beast” this year.


– “Below Her Mouth” is graced by a bevy of talented, sexy actresses and Andrea Stefancikova will add her brand of sensuality to the risqué lesbian love story.
– This Slovakian-born Canadian Vixen is showing the world that she’s a blossoming indie darling with boundless sex appeal.
– Andrea can also be seen in the thriller “Dark Harvest” which is making waves on the festival circuit and on the Second Season of “Zoo”.


Dina Shihabi in “Cul De Sac”


– It’s such a joy to watch Dina Shihabi alongside Phoebe Tonkin who together are 2 film darlings we would laud as remarkably enigmatic.
– Dina does play quite the mystery lady in the short film “Cul De Sac” who comes into the life of the parents played by Phoebe and Shawn Christensen.
– She’s already proven her indie cred with an engaging performance in “Amira & Sam” alongside Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley and is odds on to repeat that feat.

Alina Aliluykina in “The Bad Batch”


– She’s starring alongside Hollywood Hunks Keanu Reeves and Jason Momoa in “The Bad Batch” but you won’t be able to take your eyes off the curvaceous Alina Aliluykina.
– This sultry Russian actress/model is playing Dorthy, the wife of Keanu’s cult-like figure Rockwell in the tale of the human instinct of survival in a dystopian wasteland.
– Seeing how being comfortable in her own skin and with her body is part of her D.N.A., it come as no surprise that Alina is a temptress from head to toe.

Danae Nason, Jami Tennille & Missy Yager in “Manchester By The Sea”


– You can’t ask for more when there’s 3 lovely ladies in the fetching form of Danae Nason, Jami Tennille and Missy Yager in 1 movie.
– Glowing beauty Danae can be seen alongside Michelle Willams & Casey Affleck in the critically acclaimed indie drama “Manchester By The Sea”.
– Jami and Missy might have supporting roles in the same movie but they do add their imprint of luminosity each time they’re onscreen.


Carrie Coon & Lucy Faust in “Strange Weather”


– One is a super-star of the drama world, the other a indie talent on the rise yet both Carrie Coon and Lucy Faust have such a relatable disposition which we find immensely likable.
– Her explosive, sometimes foxy performances on “The Leftovers” garnered her a Critics Choice Best Actress Award and once more Carrie will turn us on with enthralling articulation
– Likewise Lucy Faust will dazzle her way into our hearts as she has done more than once on television most notably on “American Horror Story” and “Salem”.


Mikaela Hoover in “The Belko Experiment”


– No film festival is complete without a Sex Symbol and the ravishing Mikaela Hoover is certainly one to rouse festival-goers at this year’s TIFF.
– In the Battle Royale-styled killed or be killed film “The Belko Experiment”, Mikaela stars as Raziya Memarian, a corporate employee who is forced into this bloody game of survival.
– Look out for her in the tongue-in-cheek series “Omega Models” which sees her as a reality TV contestant trying to rebuild the planet after the world is destroyed by chemical weapons.

Annie McCain Engman in “Catfight”


– A regular on this blog, the personable veneer of the amazing Annie McCain Engman captures our attention with a shimmer of vivacity.
– She is appearing with Anne Heche and Sandra Oh in the comedy “Catfight” who star as two former college friends coming to blows when they attend the same event.
– Annie is fluent in Spanish and we would jump at the chance to catch her adding spark to a Telenovela or two.

Morgan Obenreder in “Mascots”


– Already a much desired actress in indie film, Morgan Obenreder is quickly amassing passionate fans on TV and soon on the web too.
– She’s slated to appear in the Netflix comedy “Mascots” which is about the competitive sometimes oddball world of mascots.
– One of the up and coming genuine captivators of our time, Morgan has the enchanting wherewithal to be a future star so it’s fitting she enriches this blog once more.


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