Rising Starlet: Courtney Lakin


The thriller and horror genre has always been a compelling one and the stunning Courtney Lakin is slated to make a mesmeric impression in a number of leading roles. She stars in #FollowFriday, the chilling tale of a serial killer targeting students and faculty members at a college campus using social media. The Ubiquitous online networking apps have finally become the death of us! Courtney plays the spunky Nabila Nariman and on account of how we love our smart female heroines, can she turn the tables on her tormenter? Courtney has already enthralled many with her award-winning short film “Drawn To Fear” which will make a killing on the festival circuit. Thanks to her intense performance as Hope whose acquisition of a book brings out her greatest fears, viewers are clamouring for an even longer scare fest. Praised as one of the most terrifying horror shorts this year, seeing the alluring Courtney in the full-length version of “Drawn To Fear” will be very much desired.


While she’s been ever-present in thrillers and horror features including guest-starring roles on “The Originals” as well as “Sleepy Hollow”, Courtney is just as striking as a romantic lead. There’s a pureness about her that comes across as wonderfully charming which she exudes in “Him + Her”, another of her delightful short films. “Him + Her” depicts the beginning and ending of a relationship, told from 2 sides of the love divide. With Courtney’s fetching sweetness a luscious feature across multiple mediums, she’s blossoming into an exquisite lady of the screen.

Check out the COURTNEY LAKIN OFFICIAL SITE for more updates and her onscreen work.

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