Actress Spotlight: Doris Morgado


This week, we get to appreciate the most beautiful women on television and the luscious Doris Morgado certainly has our undivided attention. She’s guest-starring on the Season 3 premiere episode ‘Aftershocks’ of “NCIS New Orleans”, making her entrance in saucy fashion as Bella Pearl. She’s the star attraction at the Burlesque Festival where her dance routine is cut short when a sudden volley of sniper shots rain down on the revelers. Bella’s finance, the Bistro owner Gilbert Lee is gunned down and during the investigation it’s revealed that Bella is actually a friend of Dwayne Pride. The two try to make sense of the irrational shootings and Doris does indeed ace Bella’s emotional scenes with Scott Bakula. The big news for Doris is of course her upcoming appearance on the yet Untitled Wolverine Sequel which will see her alongside Hugh Jackman. While the actioner is less than a year away from being released, we can’t help but speculate the nature of her juicy role. Is she going to be Feral a.k.a Maria Callasantos, the mutant with the feline-like powers? In any case, we do know Doris is one of the sexiest emerging Latin actress who has our vote of approval!


She’s a sizzler on the rise having already appeared on hit series “Jane The Virgin” and alongside John Travolta in his revenge flick “I Am Wrath” earlier this year. Doris is Cuban-American yet her diverse looks have seen her take on characters who are Native American, Middle Eastern and East Indian. The sultry Doris is quickly making a name for herself on TV as well as indie films and she could well become a global star.

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