The Most Enchanting Actresses @ Golden Door International Film Festival 2016

Abby Wathen in “Another You”


– The comely Abby Wathen is the luminous indie princess with bags of charm and as a loyal fan I’m always intrigued by her illuminating presence in the genre.
– She stars in “Another You” alongside Ksenia Solo of “Lost Girl” fame in a tale of obsessive love and how far one will go in search of true love.
– Abby is set to dazzle as the lead in the upcoming horror flick “Besetment” as a woman who fights for her life after assuming a hotel position in a small town.


Maya Boudreau in “Sticks”


– With her natural ability to represent the authenticity of women of various dispositions, the desirable Maya Boudreau is definitely on our radars.
– In the provocative feature called “Sticks”, she stars as Jaclyn, a 17 year old who stands to inherit her late daddy’s lottery winnings and becomes becomes the envy of everyone.
– The sublime Maya was also excellent as a young woman going through the pains of live in the evocative drama “Jessica”.

Tamzin Brown in “Tabloid Vivant”


– She’s worked with James Franco and Amber Heard so it’s fitting to see the elegant Tamzin Brown carving her own path of success in indie films.
– As the leading lady Sara Speed in the bizarrely enthralling drama “Tabloid Vivant”, she’s a gem as the up-and-coming art critic who may just find there’s terrifying limits to art.
– This year and into 2017, Tamzin has a busy year with numerous arresting roles that may just propel this British-born actress into a period of adulation.


Sherri Eakin & Candice Michele Barley in “The Hollow”


– In the highly anticipated thriller “The Hollow”, we are treated to the entrancing features of indie darlings Sherri Eakin and Candice Michele Barley.
– The stunning Sherri is playing Jolene, a troubled women embroiled in a mysterious triple homicide set in a small town in rural Mississippi.
– With her beguiling beauty, Candice is bound to make the daring crime drama an enthralling watch as Trisha Everett.


Bettina Skye in “The NightRunner”


– The polished Bettina Skye plays Mrs Lawrence, a bank manager in the dramatic short “The Nightrunner” which has a surrealistic premise.
– She’s an amazing character actress, often taking on the gritty side of life onscreen which she’s notable for as an indie starlet.
– One of her upcoming films is fascinatingly titled “Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos” which should ensure a wave of interest in finding out about Bettina’s role.

Montana Marks in “Coach Of The Year”


– From horror to comedy and everything in between, Montana Marks is steadily turning heads as an indie vixen, impressing us with her enticing grace.
– Don’t miss Montana stirring up trouble as Lauren Bowman, the young, high-profile breast-stroke swimmer in the comedy “Coach Of The Year”.
– She’s is certainly endowed with a sensuality that we won’t be able to resist and the passion she has for her acting craft is another reason we’ve drawn to the fetching Montana.


Crystal Allen in “Exit Thread”


– The gorgeous Crystal has been eye-catching in a host of TV shows including her intense guest-starring role this year on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”
– She appears in the indie drama “Exit Thread” as Laura Carlisle, a theatre professor on the cusp of a romance with Tom Decker, a pastor until complications enter their lives.
– With those bewitching features of hers, Crystal has shone in a number of strong female roles ensuring her stature as an admirable screen siren.

Sonja O’Hara in “Lonely Boys”


– Sonja O’Hara is having an impressive run on the festival circuit with plaudits all around for her features including the disturbingly riveting “Ovum” which she wrote.
– Showcasing her remarkable versatility, look out for this ravishing redhead to light up the screen in the comedy “Lonely Boys”.
– Her TV pilot “Doomsday” will be screening at the prestigious New York Television Festival this fall, selected out of 3500 submissions, a great feat indeed!


Jillie Simon in “Hungry”


– Lauded as a wonderful comedic actress, Jillie Simon can excel as a seductress or as an endearing face, all the while proving her adeptness at making us laugh.
– Jillie won the Award of Merit for her leading role in “Hungry” at the Indie Fest Film Awards and audiences will adore her saintly character Allison Lenare.
– She’s also the director and writer of the must-watch dramatic short “Hungry” giving us a glimpse of her immeasurable talents as a storyteller.


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