Indie Darlings To Adore @ Raindance Film Festival 2016

Frida Farrell in “Selling Isobel”


– Don’t miss the exquisite Frida Farrell in her leading lady role in the sex trade thriller “Selling Isobel” which is based on a true story of her terrifying ordeal in London a decade ago.
– The gifted Frida navigates a range of authentic emotions as the unlucky Isobel who is lured by a photographer and then kidnapped to be sold to men as a sex slave.
– This Swedish Miss is already an award-winning entertainer and her passion both in front as well as behind the camera is profoundly inspirational.


Nikki Moore in “Occupy Texas”


– The strikingly gorgeous Nikki Moore stars as Sherry, a school counselor who lost the great love of her life Beau after his abrupt departure in the dramedy “Occupy Texas”.
– This Goddess of indie films is accumulating quite a number of dynamic female roles and her status as a desirable screen sensation is primed to intensify.
– In a week where so many of my favorites are sizzling the planet, being an ardent fan of the genial and stunning Nikki is indeed a privilege.

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Heather Matarazzo in “Her Composition”


– Look out for Heather Matarazzo to add depth to the film “Her Composition” which sees Joslyn Jensen as Malorie, a student overcoming writer’s block by becoming a high end escort.
– Whilst the teaser clip (above) is NSFW, it’s the cast including the amazing Heather Matarazzo who is an enchanter when it comes to black comedy that gets you hooked.
– This queen of dark comedies will be eye-catching in her upcoming short “Are You Afraid Of The 90s” as Jessica, a woman who discovers her 90s nostalgia is now a living nightmare.

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