The Screen Sirens Sizzling Up Fantastic Fest 2016

Amanda Fuller & Cassie Shea Watson in “Fashionista”


– Being a huge Amanda Fuller fan, I always jump at the chance to feature her seeing how she’s garnering buzz for her latest role in the thriller “Fashionista”.
– She stars as April, an idealistic woman whose obsession with fashion and her boyfriend Eric leads to a calamitous conclusion.
– Fans already know has as a TV star for her outstanding work as Kristin Baxter on “Last Man Standing” and likewise she’s been compelling as an indie darling for years.

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– Cassie Shea Watson is a true example of a blossoming indie starlet and she’s certainly on a role when it comes to the horror/thriller genre.
– From her role as the reporter Kathy Jones in the festival favorite “Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word” to a witch in “Blood Sombrero”, she’s consistently a beguiling watch.
– I for one can’t wait to see this Texas-born temptress in “Fashionista” as she’s a big part of the eclectic, sexy cast that includes Amanda Fuller and Alex Essoe.


Jasi Cotton Lanier, Elissa Dowling, Michelle West and Kristin Samuelson in “Don’t Kill It”


Dolph Lundgren may be the badass demon killer in “Don’t Kill It” but the women of this blood-soaked horror flick are worthy of adulation. What better than to be enraptured with 4 women who bring such diverse essence to the indie genre.

– The ravishing Jasi Cotton Lanier risks life and limb as a much adored stunt-woman and is a lady we know who’s endowed with a potent sex appeal.
– One of the busiest actresses in the horror genre, Elissa Dowling is very much idolized for her edgy, vampish looks and application onscreen.
– A former Miss Louisiana, the beguiling and lissome Michelle West ensures our attraction to the horror genre is set to stay for years to come.
– Having played a myriad of female archetypes, Kristin Samuelson has an engaging versatility that will find approval from many a viewer.

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