Indie Sweetheart: Julianna Robinson


With several Best Actress Awards under her belt, the enigmatic Julianna Robinson is on her way to growing acclaim. She won Best Actress for her multi-faceted portrayals in “The Funeral Guest” as well as the web series “The Gunrunner Billy Kane”. She certainly caught the eye as Emily Butler, a woman who crashes other people’s funeral in the dramedy “The Funeral Guest”. Infusing her leading lady with a quirky affront, Julianna ensures an affable connection with audiences. She also wrote, produced and starred in the film “Lucky Penny” which recently screened at the Burbank International Film Fest. Being a huge horror fan, I’m looking forward to her next film “Gas Light” as Sister Gracie Rose , a troubled nun who inadvertently gets trapped in a remote storage facility. The trailer (above) is a cavalcade of sensory wonderment that fuel our curiosity and as Sister Gracie, Julianna takes centre stage as a compelling woman of the cloth.

Her classic delicate beauty is very much in the vein of actresses such as Paula Malcomson and Joely Richardson. Seeing how these actresses are of UK descent, it’s fitting to know she is an extremely distant descendant of Sir John de Graham of Scotland who fought alongside the very noble William Wallace. Julianna’s glowing porcelain skin is pure loveliness and she exudes a beguiling appea on top of being an enchanting talent. She should already be praised as one of the most fascinating women in independent film today.

Do visit the JULIANNA ROBINSON OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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