The Most Captivating Actresses @ San Diego Film Festival 2016

Samantha Spatari in “Cupid”


– A shining light of the short film “Cupid”, Samantha Spatari is the leading lady of the love story between 2 people who are challenged to find passion with each other.
– Trust Cupid to fall in love himself and no surprises there considering Samantha is pure lusciousness as Padideh who fulfills his own desire for affection.
– With a number of her films making the festival rounds, there’s never been a better time to fall in love with the Canadian Goddess, the ever graceful Samantha.


Stephanie Allynne in “And Punching the Clown”


– Stephanie Allynne stars with her life partner Tig Notaro in the Slamdance Audience Award winner “And Punching the Clown”, the comedy about a hapless satirical songwriter.
– She plays Zoe and Tig is Jillian, the lesbian friends of the weary protagonist Henry Phillips who crashes at their pad and proceeds to complicate their lives.
– The adorable Stephanie is on her way to be a TV star too with upcoming appearances on new shows “One Mississippi” and “Twin Peaks”, a continuation of the original series.

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Janie Brookshire in “So Good to See You “


– Touted as a Must-See Short Film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “So Good To See You” sees the beguiling Janie Brookshire alongside Sienna Miller.
– Sienna plays a woman whose rants about her dinner companions is inadvertently exposed, creating tension with Janie’s character during a dinner party.
– Janie has the elegant, kissable disposition in the mold of say British actress Gemma Arterton so it’s essential to have her in your adoring hearts.

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Marissa Skell in “Te Ata”


– From horror movies to comedy as well as TV shows and now to the biopic Te-Ata, Marissa Skell is a vision of ebullience deserving of our affection.
– Marissa portrays Margaret Malowney, a friend of Te Ata in her life story where she became the Chickasaw Nation’s pride and joy as a premier entertainer.
– The fetching blonde was memorably notable in the lively horror comedy “Love in the Time of Monsters” and we can’t wait to be fascinated by her in the near future.

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Chanel Marriott in “Loveology”


– Destined to be an idol for many around the world, the comely Chanel Marriott is the bright young star from Australia who is to be lauded as a sparkling gem of the film world.
– She’s already won Best Actress In A Lead Role by the #International Independent Film Awards 2016 for her mesmeric leading role as Fiona in the must watch “Loveology”.
– Chanel entrances from the moment she’s on screen in “Lovelogy” as the enterprising college student who is steadfast in her will to raise money for her mum’s cancer treatment.


Ashlynn Yennie in “Fear, Inc”


– Her sensual Paulifornia Photo shoot (above) should affirm Ashlynn Yennie’s stature on the pantheon of the most ravishing women to have graced our planet.
– Ashlynn’s starring role in Showtime’s new late-night series “Submission” is thoroughly tantalizing as she took us into the world of BDSM, shattering myths along the way.
– Catch her in the blood-splattering horror film “Fear, Inc” as a lifelong horror fan’s worst fears are brought to life for a price with kills mirroring those from hits such as Scream, Saw,etc.


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