Rising Starlet: Devin Sidell


The luscious Devin Sidell is having a great run on television as well as the indie genre and that justifies her exaltation. She’s guest starring on the 2nd episode of “NCIS” which is already into its 14th Season. In the episode “Being Bad”, she plays Angela Russell, a thief who comes under the purview of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). Under questioning, she’s revealed to be the friend of a suspect in a bomb plot but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the case. Covered in sooty grime, it’s great to see Devin take on the dreary facets of a woman such as Angela. She has an uncanny talent to excel in the unglamorous roles much like how Toni Colette made it an artform. This speaks volumes of her remarkable dexterity onscreen, pivoting on the unkempt nature of her character. Devin also gets to play off Mark and Wilmer in their rather combative interrogation scene which was a highlight on NCIS this week.


With upcoming appearances on new shows such as “Pitch” and “Pure Genius”, the brilliant Devin is definitely on fire! She was also on “Jane The Virgin” and even had a sex scene with Liev Schreiber, leading man of the popular TV series “Ray Donovan”. While television is becoming the medium for her prominent ascension, she’s making steady headway in the indie genre too. Horror-meister Rob Zombie also cast her in his terrifying horror flick “31” that sees predatory killers dress as clowns having their way with several unlucky carnival workers. As Georgina, Devin is certainly thrust into the gory depths of “31” in quite gruesome fashion, the pervasive violence being the Rob Zombie stamp on disturbing imagery. In the coming months, we’re more than ready to embrace the distinctively engaging Devin.

Visit the DEVIN SIDELL OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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