Raindance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Julie Lancaster


When one is as alluring and an excellent comedian such as Julie Lancaster, there’s bound to be a burgeoning ardor for this lovely beauty. She’s the writer and star of the comedy web series “Married Without Kids” screening at the Raindance Film Fest this week. She plays Katharine Morris who together with her husband Ben is trying to start a family. However they soon discover that conceiving is never a smooth process. Don’t miss episode 3 “Triggered” which is my favorite thanks to the funnily dirty banter between Katharine and Ben. After realizing Ben has reservations about giving her an injection, Katharine suggests role-playing and that doesn’t turn out so well for the needle-phobic Ben. Flashes of Julie’s perfect derrière does indeed spice things up and her chemistry with Grinnell Morris (Ben) is notable for their diametric complexions. Opposites do indeed attract!


Being a comic is no easy feat and this gorgeous Dallas-born blue-eyed blonde has shown her mettle in a variety of genres countless times before. The charming Julie has been dazzling the world of theatre, commercials, TV and film. Last year, she had a recurring role on “Scorpion” and has also been on several shows including “Dexter” as well as “Grey’s Anatomy”. The world is already starting to see the joy the affable Julie brings to the screen.

Do check out the JULIE LANCASTER OFFICIAL SITE for more updates.

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