ShriekFest 2016 Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with ShriekFest Founder Denise Gossett


It’s become a tradition to interview Denise Gossett, one of my idols of the film world. Her contributions both as an actress and founder of the iconic ShriekFest Film Festival are immense. Denise is also one of the loveliest persons of the indie film world and should be feted for being the champion of indie film especially the horror genre. She’s helped to get exposure for numerous talented film-makers, writers and actors. The illustrious Denise personifies the eternal spirit of indie and we salute her in unison.

The 16th Annual ShriekFest Film Festival
Oct 6 – 9 2016

Here’s the interview with the exceptional Denise Gossett:

1. What are going to be the highlights of Shriekfest 2016 and what’s in store for fans?

The highlights of Shriekest 2016 is our “Sweet 16” theme! We will have birthday cake, amazing films, 2 big parties, awesome, spooky decorations, amazing food.

2. Which is your favorite horror film in 2016 and why?

Hmmm…If I say that it might give away a winner, so, mums the word.

3. You recently had supporting roles in “When The Bough Breaks and “I Saw The Light”. What was it like working on those 2 high profile films?

It was amazing! Tom Hiddleston is such a joy to know and to work with, very, very talented actor and Morris Chestnut is such a fun loving man, kind, serious actor. I had a blast on both sets.


4. Have you ever entertained thoughts of holding Shriekfest outside of the US in forthcoming years?

Outside of the U.S? no, but, I have been seriously thinking about having branches of SF is other cities. That would be a lot of work though…so, we’ll see how it all pans out.

5. Finally what are you most proud of about this year’s edition of Shriekfest?

I am most proud of the wonderful talent that keeps coming out of Shriekfest! I am honored to know all of these people. I love helping out with their careers if I can and seeing them rise to the top!

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