TV Vixens To Crave – 1st October 2016

Aina Dumlao in “MacGyver”


– A rising star in our midst, Aina Dumlao has a recurring role on “MacGyver” as Andie Lee and appears in the 2nd episode working closely with Sandrine Holt’s Patricia Thornton.
– She first came into prominence with a strikingly emotional performance in “The Return”, a tale of modern day slavery of immigrants in the US that enraptured audiences at Dances With Films this year.
– While debate is tense when it comes to the lack of Asian American actors in strong roles, we love that up and coming enchanters such as the lovely Aina is steadily making her mark.


Julia Ubrankovics in “Hawaii Five-0”


– The enigmatic Julia Ubrankovics makes her debut as Klara Slavik, an agent alongside Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett in the 7th Season of “Hawaii Five-O”.
– With upcoming parts on the BBC/NetFlix series “The Last Kingdom” and the spy drama “X Company”, this Hungarian-born temptress will soon be making waves on the small screen.
– Julia is evidently a Screen Goddess with an astute talent and her sexy yet approachable allure makes her admirably mesmerizing.


Natalie Lander in “KC Undercover”


– Come 2nd October, don’t miss watching the comely Natalie guest-starring as Darci the enemy agent who tangles with Zendaya’s K.C. in “K.C. Undercover”.
– We’ve seen her in numerous eye-catching performances as the mean teen Debbie on the hit show “The Middle” but we also know her as one of the genuine sweethearts in the industry.
– Natalie’s comedic talents as an actress and writer come to the fore on her hilarious skit The Jennies Volunteer as a ditzy yet good-hearted Jennie (with an ‘e’) who volunteers at a soup kitchen with her BFF Jenny.

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Krista Marie Yu in “Dr Ken”


– A star in her own right and an idol for many Asian Americans, Krista Marie Yu is a trailblazer on TV returning as Molly in the 2nd Season of “Dr Ken”.
– Krista’s captivatingly crafted her character Molly into a savvy yet sometimes rebellious teen daughter of Ken Jeong’s doting father which has been a great dynamic of the series. In season 2, she might just learn a thing or two about life, the serious side of it anyways.
– She’s acknowledged how honored she has been representing an Asian American teen on a sitcom and she’s definitely become a role model for young women of different ethnicity.

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Corri English in “Luke Cage”


– The fetching Corri English makes a brief appearance on the 5th episode of “Luke Cage” besides the Power Man himself as Cindy but look out for her in the other episodes.
– She is reprising her leading role as Corri in the 3rd Season of “Holliston” next year and it’s her relatable appeal that have made us avid fans.
– The award-winning actress is also a fine comedian, singer and voice-over artist having been the voice of Sice in the ction role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0.

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