Actress Spotlight: Marianne Farley


Exuding a glowing radiance onscreen, Quebec-born actress Marianne Farley is deserving of an abundance of fondness. She is returning as Nicole Breen in the richly textured drama “This Life” with its Season 2 premiere on 2nd October. As Nicole, Marianne adeptly paints the picture of a woman and a mother who sacrificed a chunk of her life for the husband she loves. Exacerbated by the knowledge of her husband Matthew’s new family nucleus, she’s dealing with her own insecurities and Season 2 will likely see a complex awakening for Nicole. Marianne’s gravitas on Season 1 is noteworthy as her character Nicole’s ideals of a perfect husband is shattered. She’s certainly absorbing in a dramatic capacity alongside Torri Higginson and Lauren Lee Smith. We often find ourselves engaged with the strong women on television and their stories at times reflect our everyday lives, good or bad. On “This Life”, Marianne’s performances have their touching semblance in keeping with the show’s themes of family and its many instances of melodrama.


On television, Marianne has also guest-starred on shows such as “19-2”, “The Art Of More” and “Heroes Reborn”. As she’s fluent in English and French, she can be seen in upcoming French features such as the recent comedy “9”. She is also notable for starring in the award-winning film “White Skin” which gained global recognition. Marianne is one of Canada’s multi-talented actresses whose lustre is sure to shine brightly.

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