TV Vixens To Crave – 5th October 2016

Annette Wozniak in “Paranormal Witness”


– Her gorgeousness is matched by her geniality and that’s a big draw for viewers who will likely be enamoured with Annette Wozniak, one of Canada’s Blossoming Talents.
– She appears in the episode ‘The Ranch‘ of the SyFy series “Paranormal Witness” on 5th October. Playing Andi, she as well as her parents and sister Brie experience a haunting caused by restive Native American spirits.
– Don’t miss Annette in “Secret Santa”, a homage of sorts to the popular 80s slasher films. This star of 2015 body horror hit “Bite” shines with comic verve as the likeable Nicole in “Secret Santa” which shows that her endearing facets are aplenty.


Meryl Hathaway in “The Good Place”


– We can’t stop adoring women in comedy as they bring us unparalleled joy and Meryl Hathaway is a comedienne with the radiant personality to win tons of hearts.
– She’s guest-starring in the “The Good Place” alongside Kristen Bell who as the leading lady Eleanor finds that her impersonation of another another woman leaves her in a most favourable existence. Can’t wait to watch Meryl turn on her perky, comedic style on the show.
– Having also been eye-catching on “2 Broke Girls”, keep your eyes on the vibrant Meryl’s upcoming appearance in the 2nd Season of the web series “Con Man” which set a crowdfunding record by raising more than $1 million in 24 hours.


Farrah Aviva in “Aftermath”


– There’s 2 things on television that has us addicted namely supernatural shows and Canadian darlings. The enticing Farrah Aviva guest-stars in the new apocalyptic horror series “Aftermath” and that means we’re in for swoon-worthy moments.
– She’s just recently sizzled the red carpet at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival in a hot red dress. With her upcoming film “The Adventure Club” where she stars alongside Kim Coates of “Sons Of Anarchy” fame to premiere on Oct 8, she’s on the path of adoration.
– Farrah has also scored a role in next year’s 3rd Season of the hit “iZombie” and we all love a beauty like her who radiates poise on as well as off-screen.


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