Aussie Vixen: Dana Rosendorff

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Our Girl Crush from Australia is the enigmatic Dana Rosendorff whom the world will start falling in love with. She’s starring in the thriller “Deserted” which happens to have a leading lady who is one of my idols ever since her days on “The O.C.”.

Here’s Dana revealing more about her role in “Deserted” as well as upcoming endeavours:

I play a girl named Heather in ‘Deserted’. I co-star with Mischa Barton as the second lead female who is a small town, thoughtful, artistic kind of girl. She’s the level headed one in the group who attempts to keep them all together as their isolation in the desert becomes increasingly dire.

I have a couple upcoming projects scheduled for 2017 that are currently under wraps, however the project I am most excited to develop is a thriller I wrote and intend to star in. Until then I am busy organizing a fundraiser with one of my best friends, Amy Aitkin to help benefit ALS.

Many will enjoy the trailer (above) and the film “Deserted” as the themes of survival amidst hopelessness is quite a riveting one. Not too sure if I could last more than a few days lost in the desert. It does seem Dana’s character Heather and Mischa’s Jae are made of stern stuff but can they persevere to find a way out of the sandy deathtrap? Find out when “Deserted” has its theatrical premiere in Los Angeles this October 7th! Helmed by director Ashley Avis, the women on this unsettling tale have a complexity that makes you care about them and will have us transfixed. Certainly their fight for survival mirrors that of Leonardo Di Caprio’s sweeping film “The Revenant”. In fact, Dana has met Leonardo who came to her rescue by giving her a lift home after dinner with mutual friends. Lucky girl indeed!


Dana herself is quite the online celebrity having wrote and starred in her own successful web series “The Chronicles of a Man Child” starring Jessica Rose (Lonelygirl 15) and YouTube sensation Taryn Southern. Now she’s on the rise in independent cinema and already we’re attuned to her magnetism. Dana is a luscious and exciting prospect so watch her flourish onscreen.

Do visit the DANA ROSENDORFF OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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