Sizzling Cutie: Connie Saltzman


Mesmerising and radiant, Connie Saltzman is an indie darling very likely to win our hearts this year. She’s the leading lady of “HoneyBee, the horror film with a difference that’s a standout. Connie recently won Best Lead Actress at the International Horror Film Festival for her beguiling performance as Hilary in “HoneyBee”.

Here’s Connie giving us a little inside about “HoneyBee” and her upcoming projects:

Honeybee was a crazy ride (as is the film), it should be out on most online platforms by next year ! I was just in two plays over the summer, have a few exciting web series in the making, and I have a scene with Robert De Niro in The Comedian coming out next year.

What certainly sets “HoneyBee” apart in the horror genre is that it’s not a straight forward supernatural themed film. Moreover there’s a wealth of female talents in front and behind the camera. There’s director Nicki Harrism, DP (director of photography — Chloe Smolkin), and there’s many main characters that are female. While “HoneyBee” sees a charismatic mother and her handsome sons bewitching an entire town, Connie herself is turning into quite the captivating screen siren. Having put her heart and soul into the role of smitten yet wary Hilary, she’s on the up and we can’t wait to catch her alongside the great man De Niro. The captivating Connie Saltzman might just be one of the beloved gems of 2016.

Visit the CONNIE SALTZMAN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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