Horror Vixens To Crave @ ShriekFest 2016

Kendall Chappell in “Ambulance”


– The comely Kendall Chappell stars in “Ambulance” as a young EMT who together with her veteran partner try to keep their patient alive in their ambulance.
– The tense themes of “Ambulance” where it’s something to do with the illegal industry is as much a draw as her girl-next-door charm that’s bound to be lovable.
– ShriekFest is notable for recognising the best talents in horror and Kendall’s upcoming short film “Into The Black” does revolve around the genre ensuring her fandom.

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Carly Jones & Joy Regullano in “The Amazing Mr Moji”


– What better than to celebrate the achievements of 2 of the cutest ladies in the industry with Carly Jones & Joy Regullano headlining “The Amazing Mr Moji”.
– Carly is ever the enchanting funny woman as April, the girlfriend of the deadbeat Spencer who discovers he can control people by the use of phone emojis.
– Hot comedienne Joy stars as Beatrice who together with the titular Amazing Mr Moji tries to right some of the wrongs.


Natalie Jones in “Dead Awake”


– Look out for Natalie Jones in the buzz-worthy horror flick “Dead Awake” that tells of a young woman fighting against a being that attacks it victims via sleep paralysis.
– Just like the lead Jocelin Donahue, the very likeable Natalie has the understated endearing features that everyone can embrace.
– There’s something about actresses from Texas that we find so entrancing and Natalie has the kissable, inviting disposition to please many hearts.

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Andrea Carlisle in “Voodoo Dick”


– Notable for playing weird, crazy characters in comedy, Andrea is a treat for the eyes and our laughing organs in “The Voodoo Dick”.
– Her film might be about a supernatural phallic=shaped toy but we all know the alluring Andrea is taking centrestage as the leading lady who gets the toy which has a life of its own!
– A multi-faceted entertainer and one of the sexiest women in independent cinema, she’s bringing the sexy to the comedy genre too.

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Silvia Spross in “Parasites”


– Silvia Spross is a must-see in her role as the feisty Mona, a drugged-out prostitute who encounters a group of maniacal homeless people in “Parasites”.
– Having worked with some of the finest including Adrien Brody, Michael Rooker as well as Dario Argento, she’s going to be eye-catching in the upcoming revenge tale “Bloody Bobby”.
– Whether she’s a brunette, blonde or redhead, Silvia has one of the faces that shimmers with a lovely veneer that’s genuinely desirable onscreen.


Momona Komagata in “Peelers”


– The foxy Momona Komagata is sizzling up the indie horror scene in a collection of features all the way until 2017.
– This Tokyo-born beauty’s appearance in the ultra-violent “Peelers” will see her kick-ass and affirm her stature as one of Canada’s fast rising Indie Starlets.
– Her glowing, bewitching facets has its undeniable charm that’s to be cherished by film festival attendees and her ever growing fan base.


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