Indie Sweetheart: Sara Cicilian


The lovely Sara Cicilian is proof of the engaging appeal of indie actresses that’s perennially feted. She stars as Ophelia in “Doomsday”, the web series that’s generating buzz everywhere. Sara just walked the red carpet at the Brooklyn Web Fest that’s going on this weekend. As the sassy Ophelia, a bored Woodstock local with ties to the occult, she’s one of the complex characters that make up this visually stunning, thought provoking story. Starring Sonja O’Hara (who also is the director/writer) as well as Alice Kremelberg who are both regularly lauded on the Actress Obsession Blog, it’s time to fawn over the fetching Sara too. I might be feeling a little under the weather but it’s talents such as the amiable Sara who are soothing my current malady. They are the flag bearers of independent film which i adore of course, giving me the drive to shine the spotlight on them.


Seeing the strong female quotient on “Doomsday” is also a boon for me with the tale being brought to life by enthralling women behind and in front of the camera. Look out for Sara as she shows her sultry side in the upcoming short film “Vindication”. Have at a look at the trailer as her character Kendall flashes quite the flirty smile. The BTS shots of Sara affirms her photogenic features and she’s modelled extensively on the NYC scene. Let’s all shower Sara with ardor as she makes her mark in our beloved indie genre.


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