Actress Spotlight: Carlee Baker


Carlee Baker is the ultimate sweetheart and vixen with the heart-stirring magnetism to garner lifetime devotion. Those who are at The Sitges Film Festival would have already caught a glimpse of Carlee on the red carpet premiere of her film “Creatures of Whitechapel”. She’s Pretty In Pink and would definitely rock in any colour. She’s memorable for her captivating turns on the Cinemax Series “Femme Fatales” and as the good-hearted teacher Genevieve Raton with an unfortunate fate in “The Woman”. In “Creatures of Whitechapel”, she does a remarkable transformation as 2 iconic figures in horror lore namely Igor and Jack The Ripper. Could they actually be one and the same person. Kudos to Carlee for turning those traditionally male characters on its head and embodying them with unnerving menace. She’s gamely pushing the boundaries and it’s time we acknowledge here as a coveted indie darling. This all points to more affection for Carlee when “Creatures of Whitechapel” screens at the upcoming ScreamFest LA on 22 Oct. I must admit I had initially planned to feature Carlee for ScreamFest LA but she hasten my intentions with her stunning appearance on the red carpet at Sitges in Catalunya, Spain.


With her gracious disposition towards horror fans around the world, it’s evident that Carlee’s an Angel. Her affability is a luscious extension of her bountiful virtues. Early this year, she starred in “L.A. Slasher”, the horror comedy that’s a cheeky take on the reality TV fame game and also voiced episodes of “Robot Chicken”. Here’s the word of praise which I attached to her way back when I first featured her on this blog – Attractive Sensualist. Carlee is obviously that and more which ensures her place as our tempting Crush in October.

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