Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 10 October 2016

Amy Paffrath in “The Thinning”


– The beloved Amy Paffrath is on the ascendancy as she stars in “The Thinning” that’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where nefarious hands are controlling the population.
– This idol-worthy actress has a busy 2016 with her comedy “Do Over” releasing on 11th October as well as creature feature “Freshwater” and “Evil Bong: High 5” released on DVD.
– Peek into the life of the stylish Amy Paffrath at the blog: as she shares fashion tips, OOTDs and her life with hubby actor Drew Seeley.

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Lisa Coronado in “Z-Nation”


– Tributes are pouring in for Lisa’s character Dr Merch in Season 3 of “Z-Nation” as we see her character go from being mind controlled to self-sacrificing for the good of mankind.
– Hailed as one of the best episodes, Lisa is indelibly memorable as Dr Merch who sacrifices her life to stop the evil plans of Murphy( (Keith Allan) and gets over-run by zombies.
– From The Walking Dead to The Walking Bizarre, viewers will get to see this accomplished talent’s return to TV next year in her upcoming role on the “Twin Peaks” revival series .


Gigi Rice in “No Tomorrow”


– With her elegant and radiant smile, it’s no wonder Gigi Rice plays the mum of Evie Covington (Tori Anderson) on the new CW drama series “No Tomorrow”.
– There’s themes of family and love with Gigi perfectly cast as the Evie’s doting mother whose daughter is besotted by Xavier (Joshua Sasse), a man believing humanity is coming to an end.
– One of her foremost traits is her seductive voice which underscores the pleasing qualities that she has in abundance.

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Kelly Pantaleoni in “Westworld”


– Kelly Pantaleoni burst onto the scene in sultry fashion as a femme fatale in “Artful Gambit” which screened at the prestigious Cannes.
– She’s likely to do the same in her guest-starring role in “Westworld” where the drama begins at a futuristic theme park that’s populated by artificial beings.
– Reminding us why we’re genuinely addicted to Australian actresses, blonde bombshell Kelly is steadily planting the seeds of adoration across the globe.

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Sarah Nicklin in “Chupacabra Territory”


– Scream Queen, Genre Queen and an award-winning actress, Sarah Nicklin is the quintessential Indie Horror Darling that all indie fans exalt.
– She enchants us as zoologist student Amber who with a group of friends are looking to dispel the myth of the Chupacabra in the found footage film “Chupacabra Territory”.
– If you can’t wait for “Fifty Shades Darker”, don’t miss Sarah at her seductively enthralling best in “A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set”.


Lexi Giovagnoli in “All Hallow’s Eve”


– Halloween is just around the corner so let’s be fascinated by the adore-worthy Lexi Giovagnoli, the lead of the indie family halloween movie “All Hallow’s Eve”.
– Lexi is a charmer throughout the comedy as Eve who discovers her witch powers on her birthday can lead to unwanted consequences when used wantonly.
– Be it horror, comedy or family friendly fare, she’s consistently dazzling and cementing her inviting appeal as a leading lady to be fawn over for years to come.

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Maria Dizzia in “37”


– The soulful Maria Dizzia is one of the jewels of independent dramas and she’s a powerhouse of a talent on both screen as well as on Broadway.
– Don’t miss her in “37”, the evocative retelling of the shocking Kitty Genovese murder where she stars as one of the 37 neighbours who witness the killing but didn’t intervene.
– Maria is having a great run on TV too with appearances on “The Blacklist” and “Royal Pains” early this year in addition to her previously delightful turn in “Orange Is the New Black”.

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