Rising Starlet: Dionne Gipson


Siren of the screen and theater Dionne Gipson is on course to hit the limelight this week. She guest-stars in the explosive 2nd episode of “Criminal Minds” which is into its 12th Season. Dionne is a standout in the emotional scenes as Renee Morales whose daughter Francesca (Genneya Walton) is kidnapped and suffers a calamitous fate. Despite the best efforts of Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook), she is unable to save Francesca which emphasises the tragic ending. It’s great to see some of the darker episodes of “Criminal Minds” and Dionne commendably captured the heartbreak of her character Renee. She does switch it up in the erotic thriller “Illicit” which premiered recently where Dionne gets to flaunt her curves and her sensual facets alongside Dean Cain. The film starring David Ramsay of “Arrow” fame sees a couple whose marriage comes under strain after affairs with younger lovers with wicked pasts. Dionne is certainly desirable in the beautiful cast which includes Vivica A. Fox, Shireen Crutchfield and Lanett Tachel.

Earlier this year, she played a colourful hairstylist in the Netflix comedy “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday”. As a singer, Dionne has written songs for soundtracks on films such as Josie and the Pussycats, Trois and Black Dynamite. She’s also worked in Australia with renowned producer Debbie Allen in her musical “Freeze Frame”. The heavenly Dionne is proof that there’s prodigious talents emerging from Atlanta, Georgia and we can’t wait to peek at what she has lined up in the months ahead.

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