Screen Siren: Francine Locke


Francine Locke is a delight endowed with the natural guile to perfectly capture the attributes of the many women she’s essayed on film and TV. At the recent Buffalo International Film Festival, she’s wondrous in “Trew Calling” which tells of a woman who receives a visit from the Almighty. It has already won the accolade of Best Feature Film and with the cast of talented actresses, it’s time Francine gets attention for her sterling work. She’s notable for guest-starring on “Nashville” as Sandra Barkley, the mother of Avery Barkley who is the husband of Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). Francine is a great watch as Sandra who is a calming influence on her son Avery. She’s commendable as the mother figure of her offspring who is in an emotional funk.


On “The Originals”, Francine even gets to flirt with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). Well, she is after all easy on the eyes and many would find her covetable. Funny that they’re actually playing a Tom Cruise marathon here in Asia and Francine was known for her role as “The Shower Girl” in Tom Cruise’s dream in “Risky Business”. Call it coincidence but i think the stars are aligning for the vivacious Francine. Come December, she has a Christmas feature called “Christmas Ranch” that will warm the hearts and get us into the Christmas spirit. Likewise let’s shower Francine with affection as she introduces immaculate joy to our lives.

Do visit the FRANCINE LOCKE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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