Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 13 October 2016

Megan Peta Hill in “Cage Dive”


– Australian enchanter Megan Peta Hill stars in “Cage Dive” as a woman whose shark dive turns out harrowingly after an incident at sea.
– With its riveting premise and tension-heavy sequences, will this terrifying found footage film be the “Blair Witch Project” of the high seas?
– Check out my interview with her here. Megan is shining like a diamond and having dazzled us in “Supernatural” as well as “The X-Files”, she’s poised for acclaim.


Katy Mixon in “American Housewife”


– You won’t find a more geniune sitcom mum than Katie, the character Katy Mixon essays in the new ABC series “American Housewife”
– Kudos to Katy for the bravado of taking on the often maligned plus size woman struggling for acceptance and she’s likably witty which will appeal to audiences.
– On the big screen, look out for Katy as Jenny Ann, a waitress who flirts with Chris Pine’s Toby Howard in “Hell or High Water” the drama that’s more grounded than flashy.

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Elaine Kao in “Fresh Off The Boat”


– Don’t miss the lovely Elaine Kao in the Season 3 premiere episode of “Fresh Off The Boat” which is one of the funniest ever, filled with non-stop hilarity.
– The always radiant Elaine guest-stars alongside Constance Wu who as Jessica Huang returns to Taiwan with her family only to find that it’s not the country she used to know.
– Having also been on shows such as “Hawaii Five-0” and “Hart Of Dixie”, let’s hope she gets her own series in the near future as she’s pleasing in her authenticity onscreen.


Abbi Snee in “#Screamers”


– The found footage is fast gaining traction which means an opportunity to fawn over Abbi Snee who stars in “#Screamers” premiering at the Telluride Horror Film Festival.
– We already know she’s luscious after an enchanting turn on “Gotham” but this time around can her character survive the hellish situation brought on by curiosity about a viral video.
– If ever there was a cutie everyone should fall in love with she would be the delectable Abbi whose passion for her craft is reaping its rewards.

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