Actress Spotlight: Chelsea Rendon


Having seen the Actress Obsession Blog surpassing 1.7 million views and seeing the widespread love from actresses is an honour. What better than to return the love by highlighting the work of up and coming Latin sensation Chelsea Rendon. She guest-stars on “Code Black” as the feisty Anita who gets dumped at Angels Memorial Hospital. The doctors soon discover she’s pregnant putting everyone on edge. Chelsea embodies Anita’s independent streak with an intensity that’s spirited and gripping. One of the must-see performances on television this week from this gifted young Latina who is exceptional at portraying fearless women. Don’t miss her giving Luis Guzmán who plays Jesse Sallander on “Code Black” and the other doctors a few headaches. She’s as much a rebel as the roguish Dr. Ethan Willis (Rob Lowe) and their lies the appeal of the medical drama with its many flawed personalities. Her popularity is going to soar after being so memorable on TV.


Showcasing her versatility, she will be appearing in the action flick “Badsville” and the horror film “Murder In The Woods” in 2017. Chelsea has also played a nice girl who befriends Kevin Costner’s daughter in the sports drama “McFarland USA”, depicting her softer side. Already one of the sweetest ladies to make waves in the industry, Chelsea has the dazzling, prodigious appeal to mesmerise the whole planet!

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